This is digital marketing

Digital marketing is on top of the “must-to-know” list for marketers today. New platforms, new advertising tools and new business models and constantly changing nature of the industry make it too complicated and maybe scary for beginners. That’s understandable. It’s even complicated for us, digital marketers.

Over the last decades, marketers have been through a REAL transition. At the beginning it was all about fancy advertising campaigns, cool commercials and catchy taglines. Back then, marketers and admen didn’t know how exactly they could measure return on investment and probably it wasn’t their first concern.

In the world of digital marketing it’s all about the return on investment!

When digital marketing concept came into our lives it didn’t just brought a new and complicated jargon, new technologies and new forms of creativity in advertising solutions, it also brought a full clarity to the return on marketing investment question. With digital marketing every action you take in your campaign is measurable. You can track, monitor, evaluate and optimise your campaigns at every step,  monitor and analyse customer behaviour and make your cross marketing plans based on accurate and fresh data. Having all necessary metrics available in real-time, it’s no secret if your campaigns work or fail. So, digital marketing is a marketer’s HEAVEN where you could monitor response, measure success and diagnose troubles with your campaign immediately. However, if you can’t read and act upon the facts, it could easily turn into  a marketer’s true HELL. 

PPC, CPA, CPM, CPV, display ads, video ads, affiliate networks, search engine marketing, content marketing, mobile marketing, e-commerce, mobile commerce etc. Yes, you need to cope with the jargon, new technologies and new developments in the industry, but at the beginning you might want to start by understanding the basics and the brief history of digital marketing. There is a video called “This is Digital Marketing:  From Ad Men to Math Men” by Mediative, which I find very  useful to give a brief history of digital marketing in an entertaining way. I show this video at my lectures/presentations just to give a glimpse of  the short but intense history of digital marketing. 

Enjoy the video and your digital marketing journey!

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