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Market research – Turkey / Digital Space & Video Games Market

Online entertainment and video games market in Turkey has had a rapid growth in recent years. Being one of the booming markets in the region and having a massive potential with a young audience and an emerging economy, Turkey has been in the radar of many investors. ICO Partners has published a market research on this interesting and appealing market and video games industry. I proudly contributed to this report in early 2013 and hope you will find it quite relevant for all your plans concerning Turkish games market.


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Twitter To Get More Mobile Ad Revenue

Twitter is looking for new ways to increase their ad revenue for  a long time. However, promoted accounts and promoted tweets are not enough to be the game changer for Twitter. Given that 80% of  users accessing their Twitter account on their mobile devices, the game changer for Twitter should be mobile related. Of course Twitter is well aware of this. Having recently introduced the Vine app, Twitter now announces new expanded Tweet options for mobile. In addition to the three Twitter cards (Summary Card, Photo Card, Player Card) acclaimed to be used by 10.000 developers, mobile apps and websites, Twitter now announced three mobile app deep-linking in Cards App CardProduct CardGallery Card. In the blog post about the new Twitter Cards, Jason Costa tells that this will be a new feature that closes the loop between content creation, content discovery and app downloads.

Facebook is not the only player aiming to increase mobile ad revenue. Twitter will announce its platform strategy soon and they already released that it will be mobile focused. 2013 is definitely the year of mobile marketing.  Developing relevant and engaging content, aligning content strategy with brand and advertising strategy, building a strong community, delivering relevant content to relevant audience, analysing campaigns thoroughly and optimising  campaigns accordingly are at the top of the to-do-list for digital marketers.  Remember, content is the king and mobile is most likely to dominate the future of media and advertising.

Want to learn how to use content marketing and Twitter Cards to boost your app downloads? Check out this very interesting article by Econsultancy.

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Check the Twitter Cards to see which one would work better for your business.

  • Summary Card: Default card, including a title, description, thumbnail, and Twitter account attribution.
  • Photo Card: A Tweet sized photo card.
  • Gallery Card: A Tweet card geared toward highlighting a collection of photos.
  • App Card: A Tweet card for providing a profile of an application.
  • Player Card: A Tweet sized video/audio/media player card.
  • Product Card: A Tweet card to better represent product content.

Do you feel as though privacy is dead?

A recent survey by JWT shows that 67 percent of American and British adults agree that in the age of social networks, they feel as though privacy is dead. Sharing with friends and loved ones became easier and fun with social networks, but have you ever worried about being overexposed? 

“Social networking makes it difficult to keep our lives private” say share-happy teens and millennials

Published by Ad Weeek, JWT survey results indicate that even share-happy teens and millennials are finding it harder to maintain their privacy. Nearly two-thirds of 13- 17-year-olds agree that their friends are making it hard to maintain their privacy online because their friends share everything.

New online sitcom for football fans by Dominos Pizza

Dominos aims to create engagement with football fans in its customer base  with its new online mini-series “The Support Group”. Created by Arena Media, and production companies Bwark and Zodiac Active, the the 12-eposide mini series will airon every Thursday from today on Domino’s YouTube channel, The Sun Online, and Yahoo.

The script team for the online sitcom will aim to offer football fans a breakdown of the weekend’s football news, as the central characters Geoff, Ronnie, Martin and Spencer exchange gossip in response to the actual stories from the weekend.

Digital content marketing is a great way to create long term engagement with online community and the pizza brand is actively using this channel. The script team for the online sitcom will aim to offer football fans a breakdown of the weekend’s football news, as the central characters Geoff, Ronnie, Martin and Spencer exchange gossip in response to the actual stories from the weekend.

The Support Group: Domino's unveils online football-themed sitcom

“Goodbye Clutter!” Facebook Unveiled the Mobile Inspired News Feed Design

Facebook’s new design aims to bring bright and beautiful stories to news feed. The new responsive design aims to create the same look on different devices. Saying goodbye to clutter and welcoming vibrant new visuals, redesign will make news feed look more like a personalised magazine or newspaper. Also, with the fresh feeds feature, users will be able to choose how they want with their choice of feeds.

This new design will bring consistency to the look of Facebook on different devices. The changes on news feed will roll out on the web as of today and the mobile devices will follow in coming months.

This more visual look will definitely help Facebook’s “adding more visual, rich-media ads in the portfolio” strategy. It also means that marketers should prepare more visual brand pages to increase the engagement.

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Check out the video below to learn more about what is behind the redesign!

Visa and Monitise announced an extended deal for the next three years!

mobile payment

Visa Europe and mobile payments company Monitise announced their extended deal for three years. This deal will allow Visa Europe to license all of Monitise’s technology and is expected to bring in a minimum of €45 million ($59 million) in the next three years . The chief commercial officer of Monitise Lee Cameron tells that their technology has been designed with one clear purpose: to help consumers bank anywhere, pay anyone and buy anything from their mobile.

This new deal shows Visa’s vision for mobile. Having 7.5% of the shares in Monitise via an investment that forms part of its strategy to deliver increased value for financial institutions and consumers through enabling and supporting mobile payments, Visa believes that by 2020 more than half of all payments made in Europe will be done through mobile devices, so it is continuing to put more investment into how it will remain a central part of those transactions.

It seems the mobile technology will continue to change how we get information, how we contact, how we choose and how we buy.

Visa Inks $59M+ Deal To Extend Mobile Money Partnership With Monitise In Europe