Digital Marketing Framework

What is key to success for digital-first marketing and communications?

Designing digital marketing and communications framework will help drive reach, engagement, acquisition and help analyse the marketing spend and cost per customer acquisition.

What do you need to include in your framework?

  • Customer insights
    • Social media listening
    • Primary and secondary research (industry, trends, behaviour)
  • Audience definition
    • Who are they?
    • What are their behavioural characteristics?
    • What are the decision drivers and motivations?
  • Definition of success
    • The customer need you want to address
    • The business objective that you’ll meet
    • KPIs
  • A clear roadmap
    • Situation and gap analysis
    • Tactical plan for each customer touch point
    • Timeline
  • Digital marketing and communications plan
    • Content plan *
    • Distribution strategy & media plan
      • Display advertising & online video
      • Social media marketing
      • Search engine marketing (Search engine optimisation and pay-per-click ads)
      • Affiliate marketing
      • Email marketing
      • Mobile marketing
    • Campaign design, execution and optimisation
    • Campaign performance monitoring and analysis
  • Post campaign analysis

* Relevant and targeted digital content is the key to success for creating and maintaining a powerful digital presence 

Relevant and addressable digital content development is considered as key to success for long-term user engagement on digital media. Type of the content would depend on marketing objectives for product/company and should feed into overall marketing strategy (Articles, page posts, infographics, fact sheets, application content etc.). The platform where the content will be published depends on type of the content and audience segment (Website, blogs, micro blogs such as Twitter, newsletters, Facebook pages, social or mobile applications, forums etc.).

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